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Kasa Controls Service Agreements

If you presently operate a PLC-driven system we can offer you the option to purchase a service agreement. 

Here's How it Works

Flexible IconEach Service Agreement is custom-tailored to the customer's needs. We will work with you to define your service needs and options for a service agreement.

Hour Glass IconA service agreement is a good idea if you would like to receive priority service from our 24/7 help desk and a discounted hourly rate, thereby reducing unplanned and expensive downtime.

Calendar IconService Agreements can extend from one to several years in length, depending on your interests and requirements. Payments are flexible with monthly, quarterly, or yearly options.

Audit IconService agreements can include yearly audits of your system, periodic software updates, and recommendations for upgrades to obsolete equipment. Audits ensure that your system is running properly and can identify ways to make your system run even better.

Headset IconService Agreements often cover the time and routine expenses associated with software troubleshooting from our office.

To learn more about Service Agreements for PLC-driven system equipment/controls,
contact Shawn Cadman at 785-819-4040.

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