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Krazy Shawn is Back in Krazy Shawn's Panel Shop 2.0

Video: Providing Industrial Controls & Automation

Video: Providing Industrial Controls & Automation

Video: Automated High Speed Grain Elevator Train Loadout in Under 6 Hours

Video: Automated High Speed Grain Elevator Train Loadout in Under 6 Hours

What we do

Who We Are

automation capabilities

What We Do

High Speed Train Loadout

High Speed Train Loadout

baggage handling systems

Baggage Handling

GEAPS 2020

GEAPS Exchange 2020 

GEAPS 2021

GEAPS Exchange 2021 
Feb. 20-23, 2021
Columbus, OH

Panel Filled with Dirt - What you should/shouldn't find in a control panel

Getting Inside a Control Panel 
Learn what you should – and shouldn’t – see inside a control panel.

 Case Study: Pane Build

Panel Build Case Study
Kasa creates a custom solution on a tight deadline.

Creating a UL508a Panel

Creating a UL508a Panel
What is it and why it might be important to you?


Providing quality, on-time service while consistently meeting specs.

Grain Storage & Handling

We install control systems, automation & system integration for grain handling.

Baggage Handling Systems

Baggage Handling Services
Completing projects on time, on budget, with less downtime.

Who is Kasa

Who is Kasa?

Since 1974, Kasa Controls & Automation has been providing turnkey industrial controls and automation engineering expertise to a variety of manufacturers in the grain handling, automotive, food processing, baggage handling and heavy/industrial equipment industries. We also build custom UL control panels for companies like GM, Ford, Caterpillar and Spirit.

Our engineering staff of 75+ consists of electrical, computer, mechanical and electronics engineers. We've completed over 10,000 jobs providing PLC design and programming, HMI/OIT programming, data management and ERP integration, along with the design, installation and start-up of custom control systems.

Kasa Controls Capabilities

Our Capabilities

  • Programming

  • • PLC & HMI Programming
  • • ODBC Compliant Database
  • • Proprietary Software
  • • Siemens
  • • Rockwell
    • SCADA Design 
  • Services

  • • Custom Controls Design
  • • Commission & Start Up
  • • Consulting
  • • CAD Drafting & Design
  • • Maintenance & Service
  • • Factory Automation Testing
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